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Mechanical Shaft Seal Manufacturers in Punjab, Ludhiana

Quantech seals can provide you with the best Mechanical seals in Punjab. We are the leading Mechanical Seals Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Dealers in Punjab. We want to give the best services to our customers by providing durable seals for the long term. Now, if you mechanize going to purchase a seal for your machinery, then first you have to know the standard features. We are going to discuss some common features of the mechanical seals, which are the company is manufacturing for the customers. Are you working in an industry like chemical engineering, oil refining, machine manufacturing, and many more? Is your company using mechanical seals in different types of equipment? Then you need a different kind of mechanical seals daily to attach in the various machines. We have seen many companies searching for the best Mechanical Seals manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Ludhiana, Punjab. Our mechanical seal supply chain management program can provide 100% solutions. You are in the right place as Quantech Seals.

What are the parts of Mechanical seals for pump?

Power machines with a rotating shaft, such as pumps and compressors, are commonly referred to as “rotating machines.” Mechanical seals are a type of packing that is installed on a rotating machine’s power transmission shaft. They are used in a wide range of applications, including automobiles; ships, rockets, and industrial plant equipment, as well as residential devices. Mechanical seals are designed to keep a machine’s fluid (water or oil) from leaking into the surrounding environment (the atmosphere or a body of water). Mechanical Seals in Punjab play a role in preventing environmental contamination, saving energy through improved machine operating efficiency, and ensuring machine safety.

Mechanical Seals manufactures in Ludhiana, Punjab

You can obtain various mechanical seals for pump in industrial applications. They have different designs, but the mechanical seal surface material is the most important aspect.

Quantech Sealing Systems is leading producer for Mechanical Seals in Punjab. We deals with mechanical seal, double mechanical seal, shaft seal and mechanical seal pump. If we consider the mechanical end face ring, the basic components are the sealing ring, the mating ring, the auxiliary sealing element, the driving device and the driving device. The sealing ring and the mating ring are called the main sealing surface.

Mechanical Seals in Bangalore

Mechanical Seals in Bangalore

Parts and Sizes for Mechanical Seals

For construction machinery seals, the Mechanical seal for pump surface is processed according to the order. Manufacturers of mechanical seals stock seal rings and mechanical seals of various shapes and sizes.

The main sealing surface is the most important part. Therefore, it is called the heart of the mechanical seal.

The auxiliary sealing elements are O-rings, PTFE wedges and rubber diaphragms.

The sealing surface is composed of hard and soft materials. Generally, silicon carbide, ceramic or tungsten carbide is preferred as the hard material.

Double Catridge Mechanical Seals

Choose soft materials according to the temperature, pressure and chemical properties of the liquid.

When one ring remains stationary and the other rotates with the shaft, the two rings are in close contact.

The grinding process is used to machine the ring to obtain the required flatness.

Rings and seals are available in two states: original and semi-finished products. You will get a sealing surface made of tungsten carbide, ceramic, carbon and nitrile, silicon carbide, etc.

Different materials (one hard and one soft) are used for the face, so there is no adhesion on the face. Carbon graphite and ceramics are the materials of choice for the manufacture of Mechanical seal for pump surfaces. In some cases when processing abrasive materials, both surfaces are very hard.

Grundfos Pump Seals Manufacturers in Chennai

Generally, parts of Mechanical seals for pump include:


  • Secondary static seal, V-ring, O-ring or wedges
  • Statically sealed or static parts
  • Seal the rotating parts to the shaft.
  • One spring; metal bellows, multiple springs or single spring
  • Other hardware, such as gland ring, compression ring, collar, sleeve, etc.

Mechanical seal is one of the important mechanical parts used in different types of pumps and other devices