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Mechanical seals in Odisha

mechanical seals OdishaQuantech Sealing System is a successful company selling and manufacturing mechanical seals pump spares to various cities of Odisha, Bhubaneshwar, Cuttack, Konark, Puri, Jeypore, Keonjhar, Balasore, Bhawanipatna, etc., We pride ourselves in the component that we can find and store in the customer’s needs. Quantech Sealing System also focuses in the selling, manufacturing and reconditioning of various types of mechanical seals in Odisha. Quantech Seals is supplier and stockiest of various types of new and reconditioned seals pump spares etc.,

Quantech Seals is one of the best Mechanical seals in Odisha. Quantech Sealing Systems is a mechanical seal manufacturers in Odisha for different types of industries like paper making, chemical engineering, oil refining, machinery manufacturing, pharmacy, painting and printing, food processing, petrochemicals, electricity generation and any other industry that will need pumps and seals, we are confident that we are able to provide the best pump seal solution to meet different requirements from our clients.

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals require a fluid to maintain lubrication. The running surfaces are usually lubricated by a very thin layer of liquid (or gas) between the two running surfaces. Lubrication can also come from another fluid other than the product, depending on the seal requirements in Odisha.

Mechanical seals types

There are many seal designs in industry, but they can be divided into the following types:

  • Pusher
  • Non-pusher
  • Unbalanced
  • Balanced
  • Cartridge
  • Single cartridge seal & double cartridge seal

Pusher seals

Pusher seals use a subordinate seal that moves axially beside the shaft or shaft sleeve to keep pressure on the running sides. This permits the seal to reimburse for wear and any less exact shaft alignment. The benefit is that this seal type is the low-cost. The main drawback of this alignment is that the secondary seal can polish on the shaft or shaft sleeve, particularly when processing rough product.

Non Pusher seals

This is the group in which the bellow seals fall. These seals do not use a subordinate seal that must be able to move beside the shaft or shaft sleeve to uphold contact. The slight seals do not move with this type of seal under any conditions, not even throughout use. The step wear is reimbursed for by a rubber or metal bellows. A drawback of this type of seal is the more budget price of the seal and that a higher seal must be used in a damaging environment because the material of the bellows is otherwise too thin.

Unbalanced and balanced seals

We speak of a balanced seal if the force on the running sides caused by the force in the system is taken into account. It may sound silly if the goal is to realize shaft seal, but a mechanical seal must leak! After all, the running sides of the main seal must be oiled with the pumped product. When the force on the product side exceeds around 250 psid, the force on the steps can rise to such an extent that no liquid film can form between the surfaces. The lack of oiling film will source the seals to wear out very fast.

Cartridge seals

Cartridge seals consist of a pre-mounted mechanical seal on a shaft sleeve that can be installed as a whole over the shaft or shaft sleeve. Cartridge seals are very easy to install and the chance of short service life due to suboptimal installation is less probable. It should come as no surprise that cartridge seals are a lot more expensive than the previously discussed seals. On the other hand, there are lower maintenance costs. Incidentally, it is not always possible to apply a cartridge seal if, for example, there is no space in the house.


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